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Internal Fascia Mounted Glass Balustrade
  • Internal Fascia Mounted Glass Balustrade
Internal Fascia Mounted Glass Balustrade

Internal Fascia Mounted Glass Balustrade

A different concept for a frameless glass railing system, the standoff balustrade is a stylish and economical solution for a glass balcony or garden balustrade with stainless steel finishing touches around your decking or patio area.

Depending on the location and glass thickness utilized, a modern and subtle stainless steel slotted handrail is available to complete the look, creating a stunning finish to your design without compromising on safety.

Frameless glass balustrades can be used on external balconies, internal level changes or stairwells with various fixing techniques depending on the surrounding elements.

The glass panels are supported by standoffs. The glass we use is 1/2''(12mm) clear toughened glass and panels spans are up to 1200mm wide, depending on the length of run.

Product Details
Max Height& Width1.2mMountFascia
Metal fixing & Top Rail FinishesSatin OR   MirrorGlass OptionsColoured,   Laminated,
Clear, Frosted
Material Grades
(for cladding & top rail)



Standoff Spec.diameter   1 1/2''(38mm) or diameter 1 5/8''(42.4mm) or 2''(50mm)
Tube Diameters
(Gasket required with rail to suit
glass size)

50.8/42.4/38mm slotted pipr handrail or fascia mounted handrail

No. of Clamps per Glass Panelmin.4
Standard Height
(To top of glass or rail)
1200mmGaskets per
same length with top handrail
Glass Thickness12mm Toughened,
13.52 Toughened Laminated
Metal,Concrete Or Timber Deck

If you're looking for a modern, stylish and safe way to finish off your balcony, stairs and voids, then look no further than glass balustrading. Not only does frameless glass balustrading and semi-frameless glass balustrading provide a sleek and sophisticated look, it will also leave you with unobstructed views.