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How To Install Spiral Staircase

May. 31, 2018

How to install spiral staircase?

1. Recheck the height of the staircase to  see if it's in accordance with the shop drawing.So that the staircase can be installed firmly.

2.Ascertain the installation position of center post of spiral staircase and suspended ceiling.Measure and see whether the distance between the center post and walls match in drawing.

3.Put spare parts of  spiral staircase trays on the ground.Assemble the keels one by one according to the dimensions in drawing.The fixing of top thread is also needed to be noticed.

4.Put the assembled spiral stair trays into the center post pipes according to the requirements in drawing until the last section is fixed with walls.

5.Adjust the position of spiral stair trays until they are balanced.

6.Fix the top thread in the stair trays and screw until the trays don’t wobble.

How To Install Spiral Staircase